Bronze "Happiness and Longevity" Crane (sold also as a pair)


Poised atop a turtle, this 5' tall sculpture encapsulates the essence of a healthy and joyful long life, steeped in Chinese tradition and Feng-Shui wisdom. The crane, embodiment of winged royalty, signifies immortality and the celestial realm. Its flight to heaven carries mythical attributes of happiness and longevity. Beneath, the turtle, a celestial creature, harmonizes the composition with its representation of stability, fortune, and safeguarding. Displayed together, these sculptures form a powerful synergy of blessings, imparting longevity, safety, prosperity, and an enduring career.

Gift this sculpture, and you bestow upon its recipient the blessings of health, a long and prosperous career, fame, and enduring security.

Priced individually.