As a trusted consignment store, we offer a seamless and professional service to help you find the perfect new home for your cherished items. Our experienced team understands the value of your pieces and will work diligently to showcase them to our discerning clientele.

When you choose The Carriage House, you benefit from our intimate knowledge of the most influential brands in the industry. We understand the nuances of luxury furniture and home accessories, allowing us to provide unparalleled expertise and guidance to both buyers and sellers.

Join us in creating a legacy of exceptional design and craftsmanship. Contact The Carriage House today and let us help you find the perfect home for your treasured pieces or discover exquisite additions to your own collection.

Staging & Home Design Consultation

At The Carriage House, we offer a range of exceptional design and staging services to elevate your space and enhance the value of your property. With our expertise in curating second-hand luxury furniture and decor pieces, choosing us means gaining access to an exquisite collection that will transform your home or staging project.

Our design services are tailored to your unique style and requirements. Whether you're looking to create a luxurious living space, a stunning dining area, or a captivating bedroom retreat, our team of experienced designers will collaborate with you to bring your vision to life. With our extensive selection of second-hand luxury furniture and decor, we can create a space that reflects your taste and exceeds your expectations.

When it comes to staging services, we understand the importance of making a lasting impression on potential buyers. Our skilled staging professionals have an eye for detail and a deep understanding of buyer psychology. By incorporating carefully chosen pieces from our collection, we create a visually stunning environment that highlights your property's best features and maximizes its appeal. This can significantly increase the value of your property and make it a standout in the market.

By choosing The Carriage House for design and staging services, you benefit from our commitment to quality, style, and exceptional customer service. We take pride in our ability to transform spaces into remarkable showcases of luxury and elegance.

Experience the difference of working with a team that understands the power of well-curated furniture and decor. Choose The Carriage House and unlock the potential of your property through our design and staging services. Let us help you create a space that captures attention, inspires awe, and adds value to your home.

Custom Upholstery or Re-upholstery

It’s a big decision to buy new, custom build or re-upholster. Our experts will make your experience effortless.  Let us help you select your fabrics , co-ordinate with our workshops for the perfect solution to your upholstery needs.  Whether you are starting from scratch with a new sofa design or re-upholstering a favorite piece, we are here to help.

Repairs or Refinishing

Our technicians have years of experience in restoring and repairing furniture and antiques.  We offer pick-up and delivery services included in the price and quick turn-around service.

Set Decorating and Film Buyers

The Carriage House has been successfully providing rentals and more to the Film Industry since 2004.  We have worked with production houses on rentals  or sold to set designers on Once Upon a Time, Arrow, Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker, Night at The Museum, X Files, Six, Ice, Mission Impossible, Bad Angel, Bates Motel…..and many more.  We work within your budget.  We are very competitive with rental rates & trade discounts.  We offer off hour appointments whenever necessary to fit your schedule.