Caramel Leather Soft Pad Eames Chair by Herman Miller


Introducing the Soft Pad Eames Office Chair by Herman Miller – a timeless icon that effortlessly bridges the gap between classic and contemporary design. Originally conceived for outdoor use in 1958, this caramel color leather office chair's enduring appeal graces 21st-century interiors with its clean, sophisticated lines.  In 1969, the visionary Eameses enriched the original concept by introducing plush, individually upholstered cushions, giving birth to the iconic Soft Pad chairs.

Designed by the legendary Charles and Ray Eames, these chairs embody substance as much as style. Innovative suspension, featuring a continuous piece of seat-back upholstery stretched gracefully between lightweight aluminum side ribs, creates a firm yet flexible "sitting pocket" that subtly conforms to your body's contours. 

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