Chocolate Brown Leather "Spider" Chair by Dux Design Studio


Introducing the "Spider" Slipper Chair by Dux – a modern classic reborn in unparalleled comfort. Originating in 1982, this iconic piece features six oblong cushions and distinctive spider-like legs, creating a captivating and modern aesthetic. Part of the DUX Design Revival 2012, the Spider Chair makes a triumphant return with a perfected design and enhanced comfort.

Wrapped in luxurious chocolate brown leather, its timeless allure is undeniable. Embrace the modern charm that has stood the test of time, now coupled with the DUX Pascal system within the cushions, ensuring an optimal seating experience. Elevate your space with a touch of sophistication and rediscover the allure of the "Spider" Slipper Chair – where captivating design meets extraordinary comfort.

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