"Saga" sideboard by Christophe Delcourt for Roche Bobois

$3,250.00 $2,500.00

Introducing the "Saga" Sideboard by Christophe Delcourt for Roche Bobois – where mastery of wood meets artistic ingenuity. Delcourt's profound connection with wood is showcased in Saga's design, with legs crafted to emulate the elegance of natural branches, and lacquered trays that mirror the allure of white bark. At each end, genuine slices from centennial oak trunks expose the heart of the tree, a testament to its enduring beauty.

Delcourt's eco-conscious vision is manifest in the use of solid oak, underscoring eco-design principles. The choice of QF2 quality highlights the oak's life cycle – knots, branches, and all. On the sideboard's flanks, the cross-section of a tree trunk, tinted with sleek black carbon, seamlessly blends with its interior. "Saga" ensures the wood's vitality persists, etching its journey into these exquisite pieces. Discover the union of organic allure and sustainable artistry with "Saga."

Retail RB price: $13.000

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